Prologue to Chapter 23

The silver caught her eye once again. It was ready for her. All its prey had become victims of its torturous killing, and now it was her turn.

The man turned, his eyes glinting a dangerous gold. Walking like a robot towards her, he flashed out the long spear like knife again,   but she escaped just in time.

She was running now, but there were tubes up her nostrils which prevented her going too far from the bed. They jerked her head backwards and she screamed in agony, gently trying to retrace her steps to free her head. He had stopped, but now he steadily made his way towards her, slowly, bearing his teeth in a taunting smile.

She whimpered, scrambling away from the tubes, silently praying to God.

Please save me, she whispered, and almost as if her prayers were granted, she managed to get free from the tubes and started running.

The man looked like he had just programmed her running away, and turning on his feet, he started running towards her, startlingly fast for a human being.

She shrieked when she saw him coming towards her, and hid behind the wall, stuffing a part of her dress in her mouth to stop her from making sound. She could feel his presence, walking about, sniffing for her.

She crouched down, begging for the shadows to be on her side, to protect her. She saw heavily armed boots make their way towards her, slowly but surely stopping where she was hiding.

She didn’t look up, too scared what she might see, but instead looked to the boots, thinking how long it would take for them to smash the life out of her.

He turned on his heel so he could face her. She looked up.

What a handsome face, olive complexion with sharp golden eyes. Yet he had to be the baddie.

He crouched down towards her, and cracked an almost friendly smile. As soon as she managed to smile back, his face lost its smile so suddenly. And she was painfully aware why.

He lifted his spear. And shoved in her. Hard.



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Chapter 22

Asiyah coughed, breathing heavily as a nurse walked in.

“You’ll be alright dear…” she said, “Just as long as you stay alive,” she added, muttering.

Asiyah had extremely sharp hearing, and heard the very-not-nice thing the nurse said to her.

“Just as long as I stay alive?” she said questioningly, lifting her eyebrows up.

The nurse, startled that she heard, laughed uneasily and tried to shrug it off by saying, “your medication will be here soon.”

Asiyah scoffed. “You sure you haven’t poisoned it?”

“Ahem, your sister is just next door. We moved her there for medical reasons. I just have to pop in to check if she’s alright…”

“Oh, want to go poison my sister aswell, do you?” she scowled at the nurse as she left.

“And close the door behind you!” She huffed, flicking through the extremely boring magazine about cars. She wasn’t a girly girl, but cars and watches and all that blag didn’t interest her. She liked to see how things were made, by machines or even humans. She liked to think that maybe she would play an important role in the near future, doing something that helps the whole of human kind…

She smiled to herself, and put the magazine down, praying that Amatullah and herself would be out of this dump soon.

3 Years later

Asiyah slumped on the sofa, exhausted. Her eyes drooped slightly, but she willed them to stay open, looking at the light above her. The door slammed shut, the gust of wind entering the very still and quiet house.

The TV was on, the dull light continuous and the vibration of a droning bore starting to annoy her. The place was fairly clean, the only mess being a couple of wrappers of Swiss roll. She glanced at the clock, willing the time to go faster, watching as the second hand moved: tick tock, tick tock.

Her sagging eyes could stay open no more, and she gave in, snoring fitfully in her much needed sleep.

She was awoken suddenly; someone banging on the door. She looked at the clock and smiled: 3:30 am. Finally, she thought to herself as she picked up the remote and watched the TV screen go black.

Another bang on the door, her guest getting impatient. She picked herself up and walked unwillingly to the front door, shivering on the way. She’d forgotten pay the heating bill.

She squinted and the door, expecting an elfin like figure waiting for her outside. But it was most definitely a man.

A very big man.

She opened the door slightly, now regretting the choice she had made. She could have left this. She could have left this and got on with her life like any normal person would. But no.

She sighed, her breath coming out as small crystals.

The man glared at her, yet his eyes shined a brilliant golden. Asiyah gasped, awestruck. The man, seeing her expression smiled, mentioning something about them not being contacts, but Asiyah wasn’t paying attention. He mind was fixed on how beautiful his eyes looked.

“Erm, can enter? It’s kind of cold out here…” He said, and when he didn’t get an answer, due to Asiyah’s inability to concentrate when she see’s something pretty, he clicked his fingers.

Snapped out of her small reverie, she hesitated, but nodded, opening the door just enough to let him through.

He had something in his hand. Asiyah being Asiyah didn’t wait or try to cover up her curiosity.

“What’s in your hand?” she asked, rather bluntly. Her fantasising had gone, and she was now with her senses.

“Something you don’t need to know about,” he said sharply, putting whatever it was in his pocket.

Asiyah looked at him contemptuously, her eyebrows up, arms crossed. “Hmm, whatever you say.” She said, uncrossing her arms and walking away.

“You know, I have better things to do than stand around and be insulted. Get on with what you have to do and leave.” She said, without once turning around.

She picked up her phone, and gestured him to shoo. “Shift!”

He nodded, and made way to her laptop, double clicking on the ‘Antivirus’ icon. When the window opened, he turned around so that the laptop had its back to Asiyah.

She looked at him questioningly, the phone still on her ear.

The man shook his head and said, “I work better when no-one’s looking.”

Asiyah scoffed. “O.k, and what is it exactly that you are doing?” she said, her tone daunting.

“I work better if you don’t know that as well.” He said, in a very monotonic way.

She gave him an evil glare, and flicking her hair, walked out.


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so yeah.. not a lot of time.. last chapter a bit weird..

Life ain’t really going well for me is it?

The next chapter is going to be a bit different, but I hope you like it. It’s still a work in progress but it’s coming on nicely, even I cant wait for the final outcome.

🙂 Carry on reading peoples.. (have faith in me)



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Chapter 21

Amatullah woke to the sound of a whole load of people shouting – only clearly distinguishing Ahmed’s voice properly. She groaned, and turned on her other side, getting ready to fall back to her enchanting sleep once again, when Ahmed saw her.

“Look! She’s awake!” he said, clearly pleased for some reason. He pulled the blanket off her a tiny bit, but she rubbed her face into the pillows, not wanting to be disturbed. Her wish was, yet again, not granted.

“Let’s see what she’s going to say.” He stated, shaking her shoulder and killing any sleep she had left.

She groaned again, and opened her eyes slightly, startled to see so many faces looking down at her. Suddenly, a bright white light was shone into her eyes, and she moaned again, covering her eyes instantly with her arm. “Aaargh! Turn it off!”

“Oh. Sorry. We had to test your reflex’s to see if they were intact,” said a very soothing voice, the familiarity ringing through her ears. Who was it? She wondered, trying to look at the face who had said it.

She grunted in annoyance as she couldn’t actually see anything, just pink and purple dots swirling around the place. She closed her eyes tighter, thinking it would help but it only made it worse. It was like an invading army of pink and purple dots, ready to take over her eyesight. She realised that if she focused on one spot (preferably not another bright light) she would regain power over her eyes once again.

And so she did, greeted with a cheer from all the guys (she figured they were guys seeing as their cheers were very deep and throaty).

“O.k, seeing as you are now all awake and stuff, we have a question to ask you.”

Awh, great! She thought to herself. How much do you want to bet it’s about Sarah?

“What on Earth was that Sarah girl doing at our house?!”

She sighed, rolling her eyes. “Well…” she started, trying to think up an excuse which didn’t involve Jamie getting into trouble.

JAMIE! That was it! It was Jamie’s voice she had heard. That meant he was right there looking at her. She frantically checked if she had the hijab on, and luckily, the hospital had provided a scarf for her, after Abdullah’s frenzy with the nurses.

Suddenly, her arm started jerking. She tried to gain control over it, but it was no good, it just did as it pleased. She felt Abdullah (she knew it was him, because he always wore musk) try to put pressure on her arm, but again, the jerking persisted. He ran, calling the nurse.

The nurse never came.

Everyone around her was in chaos.

Then she did something that was to destroy her forever.

She blinked.

Don’t blink.


Soz it was so short and I took forever guys, I promise I’m gonna get to work. [See if you can spot my small doctor who reference ;)]


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Chapter 20

Abdullah moved the phone away from his ear and stared at it. He thought for a moment, wondering whether he should cut him off or carry on speaking. He decided to carry on speaking – he didn’t want to get into more trouble than he already was in.

“I’m at the hospital…” came a squeak of a voice from Abdullah’s mouth.

He heard Ahmed take a deep breath in.

“And what, pray tell are you doing at the hospital?” he tried to control himself, wanting to shout at Abdullah properly face to face.

Abdullah knew his tactics.

“Erm, Amatullah and Asiyah hurt themselves.” He truthfully said, knowing that if he lied, he’d be in even bigger trouble. Ahmed was just the start. Imagine what Abi is going to say! He thought to himself.

“What, just a small cut?” Ahmed jeered, enjoying making fun out of him.

“Well – ”

“Small, but big enough to land them in HOSPITAL!” Ahmed shouted down the phone, interrupting Abdullah’s very clever story that he had come up on his way to the hospital, knowing this would happen.

Abdullah grimaced as he pulled the phone away from his ear, although still hearing Ahmed’s angry tone. Suddenly, someone snatched it out of his hand, pressing the button that cuts the phone off.

“NO!” Abdullah shouted, knowing that he’s going to be done for now. First he lands the girls into trouble, and then he cuts off his very own brother!

The man who snatched the phone looked at him down his nose. He sniffed, and said in a very nasalised way: “No phones allowed. And stop shouting.” He added.

Abdullah took a deep breath in, bracing himself to not punch this intolerable guy in the face. Instead, he looked where he was, and tried to remember the route back to the entrance.

They had come in the ambulance way, Amatullah and Asiyah being carried by the nurse people and Abdullah having to run behind, while on the phone the whole time. The girls had been placed in the beds that roll, and had been pushed at record speed down the long endless corridor. They had then gone up a life, up to the fifth floor, and across a huge corridor once again. Finally, at the end of the corridor came a ward for A&E.

The hospital smelt of detergent, as if someone had just had diarrhoea all over the floor, and the cleaners had just managed to clean it. There were sick people with broken legs, arms and heads scattered all over the place, and the sight was just horrendous. Everyone was stuffed into one ward, and although Amatullah and Asiyah were going to be stuffed in the same ward, Abdullah spoke up. At least his dad and Ahmed can’t shout at him about that he thought.

“Excuse me, miss,” He said to the nurse who was now “settling them in”.

“It’s Mrs.” She snapped, staring at him with her forbearing blue eyes.

Abdullah cleared his throat, looking a bit off thrown off the hook.

“Ok.. Mrs, I just wanted to tell you that my sisters are female, and – “

“Yes, I can see that.” She interrupted again, giving him that cold stare.

Abdullah swallowed, trying to be patient. “If you would let me finish…” he said through gritted teeth.

He got no response, and took that as his turn to say what he wanted to say.

“Listen, Mrs, they’re female and they’re muslim. I would like it VERY much if they had their own room. They can share if it causes you that much difficulty, but they have to have their own private space.”

She stopped tucking them in in stood looking at him, hands on her extremely wide hips.

“As do all the other patients.” She said simply, and went back to fussing over them as if Abdullah never said anything.

In the end, she did nothing, absolutely nothing, and with smoke coming out of his ears, and fire coming out of his nose, he confronted another, kinder, gentler nurse.

“Why, of course, young man. We respect different religions and the privacy they need.”

Abdullah smiled, very angelically to the nurse, and gestured her to help move them. He came across the mean nurse, and smirked casually, as if to say ‘Ha! In your face!’ and ushered her away. He pushed Amatullah into the biggish hospital room, while the other nurse helped put Asiyah in.

The nurse bid her goodbyes and left, and Abdullah was stood there thinking ‘Err… what do I do now?’ Which is when he realised that the hospital are actually supposed to check  up on A&E patients, therefore, running out and looking like a petty fool was what he did next.

“HEY! Aren’t you supposed to, like, check up on your A&E patients?!” he said, barging out of the door, into a corridor of everyone looking at him like he was crazy and telling him to ‘shh’

One man even went to the extreme of saying: “I think this lad needs a bed in the mental ward!” At which Abdullah was tempted to take off his shoe and throw it at him.

A doctor came, his eyes wide, not liking that his people weren’t happy.

“What? What happened?” He questioned, making his way to Amatullah’s and Asiyah’s room.

Abdullah looked at the floor sheepishly as he recalled them being checked before they were put into the bed.

“Err, nothing, doctor. Sorry to bother you, it was my mistake.”

The doctor laughed at Abdullah.

“Hal anta tatakalam al arabiyah?” He asked, his Arabic fluent.

This surprised Abdullah. He didn’t expect this guy to know Arabic, he thought he was a black African, not Arab.

“Na’am!” he said. “Hold on,” he thought for a bit, “You are a Black Arab aren’t you?”

“Why yes of course,” the doctor said, pleased that someone knew what identity he held for once.


Ahmed shouted out loud as he heard the dialling tone when Abdullah had conveniently cut him off. He stomped inside the house, aware that when he parked up, the door was wide open, and there was a big pool of blood outside the door.

He stamped his foot and slammed the front door, his fingers automatically running through his hair, trying to repair the stressed out mood he was in. Why can’t I trust my little brother to do anything?! He thought, hating the fact that that responsibility had gone to Abdullah now that Ahmed was getting married.

It was an arranged marriage, happening in just a few months’ time, and he was already worried about that – the awkwardness that you have when you are with a woman alone for the first time ever (that’s not your mahram of course) and she just happens to be your wife.

They had only met a couple of months before, well, his big sister Abtehal had, and introduced him to her, while she was still in the room of course. He had found her beautiful and intriguing, liking her hobbies and the way she lived. And she had liked him, although a bit shy, when he was with family or close friends; he was a jolly person to be around, comical and funny – only if you didn’t get him angry.

Now that’s a different story.

He tried the phone again, and was surprised when Abdullah – or who he thought was Abdullah – picked up. However, there was a very dainty edge to that cough that just came out of his mouth. Ahmed was momentarily confused, when he realised that it wasn’t actually Abdullah on the phone.

“Err, hello?” he said, wanting to make sure.

“Hello. This phone has been removed and is now being held till the visitor leaves the hospital.” Said another robotic sounding female voice.

Ahmed sighed, he just had to go to the damn hospital doesn’t he? He said to himself.

“Yeah, which hospital?” he said to the woman, impatient.

“We need to conform that you aren’t a murderer trying to kill the visitor as soon as he leaves the hospital.”

Exasperated, he said, “Listen, when you picked up the phone, can you remember what name it said?”

“Very clearly. Can you identify that name?”

“It was ‘Ahmed’; see, because that’s what I’m called. See? Now could I have the name of the hospital? PLEASE FOR GOD’S SAKE!” he shouted the last bit, his temper getting the better of him.

He sighed when he finally got the name, you would have thought out of relief, but it was mostly out of annoyance at his little brother. He got his car keys and revved up away from the distress that had made him pick up the phone, and to the distress that made him angry in the first place.


Jamie’s phone rang, an annoying beeping sound escaping from his jacket pocket. He was asleep on the couch, needing much sleep after his encounter with Sarah, and then Amatullah. He could have easily slept for a day. But not so much half a day as he pulled himself of the sofa, and to his jacket that was hanging on the back of his favourite chair.

“Hello?” he said with a very croaky voice. He was however surprised at who had called him. Enough that the croakiness flew out of the window.

“It’s me.” Said a very sophisticated, sober sounding voice.

“Sarah?!” he nearly flew off the sofa. “What’s that noise?”

“Have you ever been in a car? I’m driving you div.”

“W-w-what? You can’t drive! You were drunk like five minutes ago!” he protested, appalled at her fast rate of getting sober.

“Oho! You don’t know me mate.” She answered back, quick and snappy.

“Yes I do. You’re driving and on the phone at the same time!” he pointed out.

“Wow! Nothing gets past you does it (!)” she said, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

“Whatever.” He said, defiant. “Why did you call me anyways? And since when do you have my number?”

“Amatullah’s in hospital.” Her voice went quiet.

“WHAT?! What happened?!” he shouted, getting frustrated when Sarah didn’t answer.

“HELLO!” He shouted, causing Sarah to pull the phone away from her ear in fear of getting deaf.

“I did something very bad.” She said, in a quieter, less audible voice.

“You did WHAT?” he said, knowing that when Sarah is drunk, she could do anything – as he had experienced that night.

“Just come to the nearest hospital.” She said, cutting him off straight after she had said what she needed to. She glanced at herself at a shop window she was passing by while driving, disgusted by what she saw.

How could she do such a thing to someone, and then just expect it to sit in her heart, and for her to feel alright about it? She shook her head as she thought about what Jamie must think of her. Probably a slut – a horrible sadistic slut who think hurting people is fun, be it emotionally or physically.

 Jamie was at that moment not really thinking about anyone apart from Amatullah. Least of all Sarah. He jumped in the car and drove exceeding 40mph to his beloved, someone, who he knew would get married to him one day.


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Chapter 19

Hey y’all, just wanted to apologize before hand about the ambulance scene… I have absolutley no idea what they actually do or say, so if I got it wrong, please find it in your heart to forgive 🙂 Enjoy!

Abdullah ran into the house and grabbed the phone, dialling 999. He was put on wait. He sighed, annoyed, and ran his fingers desperately through his hair. The living room looked a mess, dirty plates piled up on the table, Ayah’s toys scattered everywhere, endless mayhem. Finally he got through.

“You have called 999. Which emergency service do you require?” said this posh sounding lady, talking through her nose.

“Err, am- ambulance please,” Abdullah stuttered. He was never good in situations like these.

“You will be connected shortly. Please bear with us.” And with that she was gone, and he was left with country music.

Exasperated, he threw the phone to the ground, stamping his foot. What kind of a useless system is this! He thought to himself, refuting the people who came up with this. He sighed again, seeing that this behaviour that was taking over him was doing him no good. He bent down, and picked up his phone, squeezing it and lifting it to his ear. He walked outside, closing the door behind him, determined not to show his feelings.

When he got out, he saw Sarah staring – just staring – at Amatullah. He walked up to her, his face turning a very deep shade of red.

“Fat lot of good you’re doing, just standing there…” he muttered.

“Well what do you want me to do, fly them to the hospital or something?” she shot back, glaring at him.

“Aargh!” Abdullah clenched his fists, reminding himself to stay calm and collective in situations like these. He sighed. “Look, you could have at least gone home and worn something decent…” he looked to the floor sheepishly, thinking he was asking too much.

Sarah turned a bright red, and looked away as well. Then, after she told herself off for being such a coward, she looked at him, pouting her lips, trying to stare him out. That method only works however when the person you are trying to stare out doesn’t turn around and walk in the opposite direction. Which is exactly what he just did.

She stamped her foot, frustrated and went home, walking in a very purposeful way.

Abdullah went up to his sisters, trying to comfort them, telling them that they will be taken care of shortly.

Asiyah’s eyes fluttered again, “Is Ahmed coming?” she managed to croak out.

“No, ukhty, I called the ambulance,” he whispered, stroking her forehead. “you just rest, O.K.?”

Asiyah shook her head and tried to get up, but Abdullah ushered her back down. “No… Abdullah, we’ll be fine. Abdullah please, we don’t need them!”

“Shhh, the nurses will look after you.”

Asiyah sighed, and gave up, her head hitting the ground softly.

Abdullah stayed there for a second, wandering what the passer-by that just passed them must be thinking. It’s not exactly normal for two young ladies lying in the middle of the street, with a young man tending – well, trying to tend – to their needs. He thought about how irresponsible he had been, how his parents and siblings had given him responsibility, and how he had disregarded it, thinking that his sisters could look after themselves. Look what happened! His parents may never trust him again! But that was the least of his matters as he remembered he was still engaged on the phone.

He put the phone to his ear, noticing a slight pain in his arm as he did so.

“Hello?” he said frantically, hoping they hadn’t connected him earlier and realised he wasn’t there.

“Please state your name.” the fake sounding voice said.

“Err, Abdullah,” he said.

“Please state the name of the injured,” said the voice, making Abdullah think it was a robot.

“Amatullah and Asiyah.”

“Their relation to you?”

“Sisters, both of them.”

“Is it serious?”

Abdullah stared at the phone, exasperated. “If it wasn’t serious, why would I be bloody calling you?!”

The person on the other side of the phone cleared his throat slightly. “Address please?”

“459 Hadyrir Street, Birmingham. Post code, B12 123,”

“We will be arriving shortly.”

He sighed, running his fingers through his hair.


Sarah walked and walked, till she reached her house. The sun was flying through the sky; the day had gone so quickly it was incredible. Golden leaves littered the path way, and had to be kicked aside for people to walk through.

She ran up the stairs, and bashed the door open, happy that her parents had forgotten – as per usual – to lock the front door. If they hadn’t she’d be stuck outside for quite a while.

She ran in, straight up the stairs, and barged into her room, opened her cupboard door, and picked out a black skirt with a short black kaftan dress and a brown jumper, with black flats. She put them on hurriedly, after a shower, and glanced in the full length mirror. I look like a joke! She thought to herself, smoothing down her kaftan.

She went to the bathroom next, washing her face. The water ran black down the plughole. She wiped her face dry on her towel, and grabbed her purse and car keys. She ran down the stairs in record time, and swiftly got in the car, driving like a hooligan to the closest hospital in the town. She figured they’d be there.


The ambulance came, its lights flashing, the unbearable sirens blaring. Abdullah was told to stand aside, as the hospital people picked up Amatullah and Asiyah as if they were feathers. They put them carefully in the built in beds that were sticking out of the wall. They looked completely and utterly strange. He climbed in with them as well, convincing the people that their chances of survival were extremely low if they didn’t have their brother. “They’d probably freak out, seeing all you strangers, so… you know… I better come with.” He put his foot down firmly.

They went zooming through all the traffic lights, while the hospital people examined both of the patients.

“This one is in a much more serious condition that this.” Said one, pointing first to Amatullah, then to Asiyah.

Abdullah looked them, eyebrows up. “’This one’ is my sister, and so is ‘this one’. They do have names you know!”

He just got a cold stare from them both. “Listen here boy. We are trying to help your siblings, and giving you a free ride at the same time – so you bett-”

“You don’t know how much parking costs here, it’s a fortune…” interrupted the other one, but he trailed off as soon as he saw the first one glaring at him.

Abdullah sighed, putting his head in between his legs. He was sick of this. His hat fell off, and his longish hair flopped into his eyes, the afternoon sun glinting of the brown strands that appeared from nowhere. He looked into the sun, squinting his eyes, yet they twinkled, glistening in the late afternoon sun.

Suddenly, they came to a stop with a jerk, making Abdullah nearly fall flat on his face. Luckily, he had been given the gift of fast reflexes and managed to stop himself on time. As he jumped off the back of the ambulance, his phone started buzzing in his pocket. He took it out, and looked at it questioningly. He rarely got any calls on his mobile.

It was Ahmed.

He picked it up, foreseeing his destiny, one of utter pain and embarrassment.




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Chapter 18

Asiyah ran toward Amatullah, but failed to reach her on time, and watched her fall to the ground. Her eyes blurred slightly, tears beginning to form, as she looked at her sister’s body lose control of itself and collapse on the floor. She coughed, unable to breathe, the air suddenly feeling thick, suffocating. But she tried to put that aside, as she focused on her sister fro once instead of herself.

Her cheeks turned a bright red as she turned round to face the evil monster that was stood behind her, and they cooled down the instant she let her anger out.

“YOU SLUT! How the hell could you do this to my sister?” she screamed, making her way towards Sarah. Sarah’s eyes widened as if not expecting this… this… screech that could come from such a normal sized person. Boy was she loud!

Asiyah turned her whole body round, focusing now to Sarah, Amatullah ignored. She advanced on her, her mouth turning into a very unpleasant scowl, her eyes burning with anger, jeering at her at the same time.

This time, Sarah just smirked, thinking Asiyah was still a kid, and could do nothing wrong to her whatsoever. What she seemed to forget, was that Asiyah had done Tai Kwando: so she was pretty lethal to be around.

Asiyah lashed out, side kicking Sarah in the stomach and watched as she keeled over, her face a picture of pain. One nil to Asiyah. She smiled, and patted herself on the back, turning round to tend to Amatullah, when suddenly, her head jolted forward, lolling almost off her shoulders. Sarah had struck. One all.

Asiyah fell to the floor as well, the back of her head bleeding. She screamed in pain, calling Abdullah’s name.

Sarah, not wanting the blame for anything, looked around to see if anyone had seen her, and started running. She didn’t get too far.

Abdullah had run out of the house, hearing Asiyah’s scream, and had run toward her, checking her pulse. A figure dressed in glittery silver running away caught the corner of his eye, and when he turned to look, he realised it was Sarah. She looked like a total idiot dressed like that, running on a virtually Muslim street. Especially in high heels. On any normal day, he would have scoffed at her, making fun of a stupid woman like her, but today, the circumstances screamed for him to run after her and beat her up. How he wished he could do that! He ran toward her, catching her up in an instant. He grabbed hold of her arm, and turned to look at her, his eyes flaming with hate.

She looked back at him, her heart melting, surprising given the situation she was in. Her eyes searched his as he stood motionless just looking at her.

Suddenly, he jerked her hand towards his body, and started speed walking towards his sisters. He let go of her hand, warning what will happen if she runs away. Briskly, they walked together, and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Amatullah and Asiyah sprawled across the pavement outside his house.

There was a pool of blood spreading from Amatullah’s tummy. Asiyah stirred, her eyes fluttering open. Abdullah ran to Asiyah, kneeling down.

“Asiyah! Are you alright?” she nodded, her eyes easing open.

“Forget about me,” she croaked, “Look at Amatullah,” her eyes slowly closed, hand with a finger pointing to the right of her.

“NO!” Abdullah cried, but he left her and looked at Amatullah, immediately feeling her pulse. It was alright. However, the bleeding did not seem to be. He searched his pockets for his phone, but cursed himself when he realised he had left it inside. He ordered Sarah to stay where she was while he ran inside to get his phone.

She listened to him, a worried look over coming her face. She never meant to hurt them so badly, just to injure them a bit so she could run off. She stared fondly at Amatullah, her once friend, as feelings of remorse overcame her. Why did they break apart? That was something that she herself regretted at times. What a good friend Amatullah had been, always there for her, listening to her problems, even if they were sometimes petty and pathetic. She sighed as she stared at herself. What had she become? A monster by the looks of it. She scrunched up her eyes, and tilted her head up the sky, and she asked for forgiveness in her head. Who would forgive her, she didn’t know. Whether God even existed she wasn’t sure about. But she knew that if Amatullah could have such a strong faith, then she could too.


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