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Prologue to Chapter 23

The silver caught her eye once again. It was ready for her. All its prey had become victims of its torturous killing, and now it was her turn.

The man turned, his eyes glinting a dangerous gold. Walking like a robot towards her, he flashed out the long spear like knife again,   but she escaped just in time.

She was running now, but there were tubes up her nostrils which prevented her going too far from the bed. They jerked her head backwards and she screamed in agony, gently trying to retrace her steps to free her head. He had stopped, but now he steadily made his way towards her, slowly, bearing his teeth in a taunting smile.

She whimpered, scrambling away from the tubes, silently praying to God.

Please save me, she whispered, and almost as if her prayers were granted, she managed to get free from the tubes and started running.

The man looked like he had just programmed her running away, and turning on his feet, he started running towards her, startlingly fast for a human being.

She shrieked when she saw him coming towards her, and hid behind the wall, stuffing a part of her dress in her mouth to stop her from making sound. She could feel his presence, walking about, sniffing for her.

She crouched down, begging for the shadows to be on her side, to protect her. She saw heavily armed boots make their way towards her, slowly but surely stopping where she was hiding.

She didn’t look up, too scared what she might see, but instead looked to the boots, thinking how long it would take for them to smash the life out of her.

He turned on his heel so he could face her. She looked up.

What a handsome face, olive complexion with sharp golden eyes. Yet he had to be the baddie.

He crouched down towards her, and cracked an almost friendly smile. As soon as she managed to smile back, his face lost its smile so suddenly. And she was painfully aware why.

He lifted his spear. And shoved in her. Hard.



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