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Chapter 23

The cold hit Amatullah like a ton of bricks. Shivering, she got out of bed, only to be pulled back by a dozen tubes up her nostrils. She was still in hospital. She scrunched her eyes up, and took a deep breath. She paced backwards and got back into her bed, wincing as her elbow touched her stomach area. She looked around, seeing that nearly all the lights were switched off save a few in the corridor.

Her room was quite big with a big window overlooking the city. There were two chairs, one on either side of her bed, and a big machine next to her head.

She sighed, willing the pain in her head to go away. She closed her eyes again, trying the “breathing in” technique again, but as she tried to take a deep breath, she felt something blocking her nose. Her hand automatically reached her nose, and tried to remove anything that was preventing that deep breath that she needed so much. She felt something attached to her somehow, something plastic, and she pulled at it, trying to rid it of her. She screamed in agony when she realised that it was the tube that was “conveniently” placed in her nose.

Someone jumped up frantically beside her, and tried to comfort her in a very non-comforting voice. It was Abdullah.

“Shh, what happened? He whispered, holding her head against his chest.

“I had a bad dream,” she mumbled, sniffing in the familiar scent of her brother.

“It’s all going to be alright, o.k? You just sleep.”

“There was a man in the dream.” Amatullah said, feeling Abdullah tense his muscles.

“What happened?” He said sharply.

“The man tried to kill me,” Amatullah said, keeping back a sob.

Abdullah felt her body shake, and wrapped his arms tighter around her. “Shh, it was just a dream.”

Amatullah sniffed again, moving away from his comforting arms. She sat up straight and looked straight into Abdullah’s eyes.

“Abdullah, the man was Jamie.”


Jamie jolted awake, breathing fast. He felt around him for his lamp, and closed his eyes tight when it switched on. He opened his eyes slightly, and reached for the dial to lower the power of the light that was emanating from the lamp. His eyes opened as the light dimmed, and he saw his mobile flashing.

Unknown Number  

He sighed, pressing the “accept” button. He was met with a deep voice which seemed very awake.

“Are you Jamie?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Can you open the door?”

Jamie’s eyebrows furrowed, and he listened out for the doorbell. There it was.

That’s weird, he thought to himself. Normally, he was complaining that the doorbell was too loud for its own good. Now it was doing the opposite.

He walked to the door calmly, kidding himself that he wasn’t scared. His hand placed itself on the handle, and he was about to push it, but it lingered there for a second, hesitating. Finally, his nerve told him to just open the door and get it over with done with.

The door swung open, a gust of wind overpowering Jamie’s pull. There stood a man with a small beard, and a white thobe and white hat.

He shivered in the breeze that the night provided, and stuck out his hand.

Jamie looked him up and down, and sniggered, his eyes getting used to the light. As his gaze travelled back to his face, his sniggering stopped. It was a man of this community. It was a white man.

The man’s hand had faltered by now, falling back to his side. Jamie – suddenly being all respective now that he saw that the man was white- stuck his hand out instead.

“Jamie.” Said Jamie. “Nice to meet you.”

“An honour.” The man said back, “Oh, and Kevin.” He smiled


Abdullah looked at her carefully, taking in the words she just said.

“Jamie?” He asked, “The guy who used to be your best friend?”

Amatullah nodded, her eyes big.

Abdullah took a deep breath in and shook his head, his eyes closed. “Forget about this guy Amatullah. He’s not worth it. At all.”


“So Kevin, when did you revert to Islam?” Jamie said, the word Islam heavy on his tongue.

They were sat in Jamie’s living room, the beige walls giving into dirt, and the brown carpet scuffed and dirty. Jamie had let Kevin in, and enquired about his strange code of dress.

Kevin had let him know that after a couple of VERY long sessions with a boy named Idris, he had seen the light of this beautiful religion, and had decided to convert.

Jamie pretended to look interested as he delved into why Jamie should turn Muslim, when really; all he was thinking about was the reason behind this man’s appearance. Was it just to turn him Muslim?

“… and you can find a lot of great information of the miracles of the Quran on a lot of various websites, I mean the miracles are the best part in my opinion, that’s what made my eyes open and look really deeply in-” Kevin was cut off half way, interrupted by a very annoyed Jamie who wanted to sleep.

“Why are you here?” He said, blunt and to the point.

“Ah.” Kevin paused, comically putting his finger on his chin. “I hear you have a friend called Amatullah.” He paused again, waiting for Jamie’s reply.

“Yeah… and?” Jamie shook his head, holding up his hands in question.

“Well, my friend Abdullah is his sister, and I did a very bad thing to him. I need you to get through to the hospital and into their ward or room with Amatullah giving you permission.” He smiled nervously, awaiting the answer.

“Oof. Asking quite a lot aren’t you?” Jamie said, smiling devilishly.

Kevin looked at his hands sheepishly, intertwining them, and then separating them. He did this about seven times before he looked up inquiry masking his eyes.

“Well, are you going to…” He said, breathing in deeply.

Jamie sighed, weighing his options. If he didn’t then he would be able to sleep, and never see this odd man again, but if he did then he would get to see Amatullah, and maybe explain to her his feelings.

“Yes,” He said, “I’ll do it.”


Amatullah flopped back onto the bed, being careful not to pull on any of the tubes.

“Urgh, what are these tubes for anyways?” she said, twitching her nose.

Abdullah sat down on the chair next hers. “They’re for your food. The food goes form this bag,” he pointed up, “through this tube, through your nose and into your stomach.” He said, in a very matter-of-fact way.

Amatullah’s eyes widened in horror. “But… but I can eat!” she said, almost defensively, and picked up a chocolate bar, eating it as if it was evidence.

Abdullah looked up from the magazine he had picked up, and chuckled. “Of course you can eat now… but you were unconscious for just over a week, Am.”

Amatullah nearly choked on the chocolate bar she was eating. “How long?!” she spluttered.

Abdullah seemed to find this incredibly funny. “Calm down dear! A week isn’t that long, plus you’ve been well looked after. How’s that stitch going then?”

Amatullah’s eyebrows frowned. “What stitch? I haven’t been running anywhere…”

Abdullah burst out laughing. “You should be in hospital more often! Just hilarious.”

He looked back at his magazine, smiling. Amatullah sighed, and stared at the ceiling, slowly lying back down again.

Suddenly, Abdullah’s phone started ringing, a shrill noise. Amatullah glanced at the bed side table, craning her neck to see.

Unknown number

Her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to work out whose number it was:  07123456789 – it looked really familiar. Maybe it’s that guy that called Abdi in the middle of night, she thought.

Abdullah stood up from his chair, and walked to the bedside table, and picked up the phone. He tilted his head as he tried to figure out whose number it might be. The phone carried on ringing, this was its fourteenth ring, and none of Abdullah’s friends waited that long.

“Oh, just pick up the damn phone will you?” Amatullah said in an exasperated tone, wanting to find out who it was.

“Hello?” Abdullah said cautiously, turning around so his back was facing Amatullah

“Hey babe, how are you doing…? I’m coming to the hospital soon, to vis-” Abdullah snapped the phone shut. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath turning round a second later. She looked at him with knowing eyes.

“Sarah.” They both said simultaneously.


Kevin’s eyes lit up, happy that he could now seek forgiveness from Abdullah, then from Allah. He stood up, and was about to pull Jamie up as well, when he saw his face. Jamie had his face buried in the palm of his hands, and his body shook slightly every few minutes. Kevin looked downfallen. He was rubbish in these kinds of situations.

He sat down next to Jamie, awkwardly patting his back, wondering why he was acting in such a way.

“What’s up mate?” Kevin said, softening his voice. He hadn’t done this for a very long time.

Jamie sniffed, and looked up, staring at the sofa opposite him. His hand curled up into a ball, and he put it on his mouth. “I did a very terrible thing as well.” He said, shaking his head.

Kevin’s eyebrows furrowed, wondering what he could have possibly done wrong. Then it hit him. He was Abdullah’s sister’s friend. And it was Abdullah’s sister who was in hospital. Crap! He thought.

“What happened?” Kevin tried to coax it out of Jamie, and it seemed to be working.

They stood up, and left the house, taking Kevin’s car to the hospital. On the way there, Jamie spilt the beans.

A long silence ensued.

Finally Kevin spoke up. “So we both know Sarah then?”

Jamie looked at his hands. “And we both hate her.”


Abdullah threw the phone on the floor, cursing Kevin. “What a friend he turned out to be! Dealing drugs, girls, the lot!”

Amatullah positioned herself so there was space on the bed. She patted the space beside her, and looked at him forlornly.

“Abdi, the guy was bound to go like that. You said it yourself, it’s typical. Remember?”

He didn’t sit down, instead pacing to and fro.

“What did she say?” Amatullah said carefully eyeing him.

“She’s going to come.” He sniffed. “But she’s not. I’m not letting that thing anywhere near you.” He said determined.

Amatullah flopped back on the hospital bed for the third time since she woke up. “I don’t know why you’re making all this fuss you know.” She said to the ceiling. “She’s just one person. She really can’t do a lot.”

Abdullah sat back down on his chair, picking up the half eaten chocolate. “Don’t you want to finish you chocolate?”


He bit into it, and was silent for a while, as if thinking over what Amatullah just said. “Hmm. You’re right. But if she comes, you can deal with her, because I don’t want any fitnah with that girl.”

Suddenly the door swung open. “What’s ‘fitnah’? And how do I give it?”

Curls with extra volume, chocolate brown hair bouncing on her shoulders, killer heels the colour of blood, a face caked with make-up, and a tight fitted sparkly dress.


“Audhoobillah,” Abdullah said, turning his chair around.

Amatullah banged her head against the bed, her eyes scrunched tightly. Oh Lord, why?

She opened one eye, just to see that Sarah was fixing her hair in the mirror, not at all bothered by the twins’ reaction to her presence.

Amatullah sighed, wincing as she sat up. “Sarah, why are you here?” she sighed again, as if dreading the answer.

“We need to talk.” She said simply, cocking her head to the side.

“I think we’ve talked enough to be honest-”

“Not you, you div, your brother.” She laced some sweetness with the last to words.

Abdullah almost choked on the chocolate he was munching happily. He spoke up: “I’d rather not.”

Sarah scoffed. “I know you better than you know yourself.” She said, pouting her lips and raising her eyebrows. She took out a biggish mirror from the sequined bag she had, and positioned it so she could see his face, and he could see hers. “I’ll be outside…” she smiled, and opened the door, a piece of paper fluttering from her hand to the floor.


After entering the hospital, Jamie and Kevin rushed up the stairs, taking them two at a time. The queue for the lift was too long for their liking. When they got to the ward Amatullah was placed in, they speed walked all the way down the corridor, looking left and right for the right number room.

“What room was it again?” Kevin asked.

Jamie looked at the paper they had been given. “Erm, 24.”

The looked at the room they were at, and walked backwards one or two steps.

“This is it.” Kevin sighed.

“You got that right.” Replied Jamie.

They were just about to open the door when Sarah walked out, confidently pouting. Her face was changed instantly when she saw Kevin and Jamie.

“What are you doing here?” Jamie said, giving her a disgusted look.


Salam! see I am true to my word. It was quite long, but I hope you liked it! The next one is going to take some time but I’ll try my hardest to get it done on time. 🙂


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