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Chapter 22

Asiyah coughed, breathing heavily as a nurse walked in.

“You’ll be alright dear…” she said, “Just as long as you stay alive,” she added, muttering.

Asiyah had extremely sharp hearing, and heard the very-not-nice thing the nurse said to her.

“Just as long as I stay alive?” she said questioningly, lifting her eyebrows up.

The nurse, startled that she heard, laughed uneasily and tried to shrug it off by saying, “your medication will be here soon.”

Asiyah scoffed. “You sure you haven’t poisoned it?”

“Ahem, your sister is just next door. We moved her there for medical reasons. I just have to pop in to check if she’s alright…”

“Oh, want to go poison my sister aswell, do you?” she scowled at the nurse as she left.

“And close the door behind you!” She huffed, flicking through the extremely boring magazine about cars. She wasn’t a girly girl, but cars and watches and all that blag didn’t interest her. She liked to see how things were made, by machines or even humans. She liked to think that maybe she would play an important role in the near future, doing something that helps the whole of human kind…

She smiled to herself, and put the magazine down, praying that Amatullah and herself would be out of this dump soon.

3 Years later

Asiyah slumped on the sofa, exhausted. Her eyes drooped slightly, but she willed them to stay open, looking at the light above her. The door slammed shut, the gust of wind entering the very still and quiet house.

The TV was on, the dull light continuous and the vibration of a droning bore starting to annoy her. The place was fairly clean, the only mess being a couple of wrappers of Swiss roll. She glanced at the clock, willing the time to go faster, watching as the second hand moved: tick tock, tick tock.

Her sagging eyes could stay open no more, and she gave in, snoring fitfully in her much needed sleep.

She was awoken suddenly; someone banging on the door. She looked at the clock and smiled: 3:30 am. Finally, she thought to herself as she picked up the remote and watched the TV screen go black.

Another bang on the door, her guest getting impatient. She picked herself up and walked unwillingly to the front door, shivering on the way. She’d forgotten pay the heating bill.

She squinted and the door, expecting an elfin like figure waiting for her outside. But it was most definitely a man.

A very big man.

She opened the door slightly, now regretting the choice she had made. She could have left this. She could have left this and got on with her life like any normal person would. But no.

She sighed, her breath coming out as small crystals.

The man glared at her, yet his eyes shined a brilliant golden. Asiyah gasped, awestruck. The man, seeing her expression smiled, mentioning something about them not being contacts, but Asiyah wasn’t paying attention. He mind was fixed on how beautiful his eyes looked.

“Erm, can enter? It’s kind of cold out here…” He said, and when he didn’t get an answer, due to Asiyah’s inability to concentrate when she see’s something pretty, he clicked his fingers.

Snapped out of her small reverie, she hesitated, but nodded, opening the door just enough to let him through.

He had something in his hand. Asiyah being Asiyah didn’t wait or try to cover up her curiosity.

“What’s in your hand?” she asked, rather bluntly. Her fantasising had gone, and she was now with her senses.

“Something you don’t need to know about,” he said sharply, putting whatever it was in his pocket.

Asiyah looked at him contemptuously, her eyebrows up, arms crossed. “Hmm, whatever you say.” She said, uncrossing her arms and walking away.

“You know, I have better things to do than stand around and be insulted. Get on with what you have to do and leave.” She said, without once turning around.

She picked up her phone, and gestured him to shoo. “Shift!”

He nodded, and made way to her laptop, double clicking on the ‘Antivirus’ icon. When the window opened, he turned around so that the laptop had its back to Asiyah.

She looked at him questioningly, the phone still on her ear.

The man shook his head and said, “I work better when no-one’s looking.”

Asiyah scoffed. “O.k, and what is it exactly that you are doing?” she said, her tone daunting.

“I work better if you don’t know that as well.” He said, in a very monotonic way.

She gave him an evil glare, and flicking her hair, walked out.


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