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Chapter 21

Amatullah woke to the sound of a whole load of people shouting – only clearly distinguishing Ahmed’s voice properly. She groaned, and turned on her other side, getting ready to fall back to her enchanting sleep once again, when Ahmed saw her.

“Look! She’s awake!” he said, clearly pleased for some reason. He pulled the blanket off her a tiny bit, but she rubbed her face into the pillows, not wanting to be disturbed. Her wish was, yet again, not granted.

“Let’s see what she’s going to say.” He stated, shaking her shoulder and killing any sleep she had left.

She groaned again, and opened her eyes slightly, startled to see so many faces looking down at her. Suddenly, a bright white light was shone into her eyes, and she moaned again, covering her eyes instantly with her arm. “Aaargh! Turn it off!”

“Oh. Sorry. We had to test your reflex’s to see if they were intact,” said a very soothing voice, the familiarity ringing through her ears. Who was it? She wondered, trying to look at the face who had said it.

She grunted in annoyance as she couldn’t actually see anything, just pink and purple dots swirling around the place. She closed her eyes tighter, thinking it would help but it only made it worse. It was like an invading army of pink and purple dots, ready to take over her eyesight. She realised that if she focused on one spot (preferably not another bright light) she would regain power over her eyes once again.

And so she did, greeted with a cheer from all the guys (she figured they were guys seeing as their cheers were very deep and throaty).

“O.k, seeing as you are now all awake and stuff, we have a question to ask you.”

Awh, great! She thought to herself. How much do you want to bet it’s about Sarah?

“What on Earth was that Sarah girl doing at our house?!”

She sighed, rolling her eyes. “Well…” she started, trying to think up an excuse which didn’t involve Jamie getting into trouble.

JAMIE! That was it! It was Jamie’s voice she had heard. That meant he was right there looking at her. She frantically checked if she had the hijab on, and luckily, the hospital had provided a scarf for her, after Abdullah’s frenzy with the nurses.

Suddenly, her arm started jerking. She tried to gain control over it, but it was no good, it just did as it pleased. She felt Abdullah (she knew it was him, because he always wore musk) try to put pressure on her arm, but again, the jerking persisted. He ran, calling the nurse.

The nurse never came.

Everyone around her was in chaos.

Then she did something that was to destroy her forever.

She blinked.

Don’t blink.


Soz it was so short and I took forever guys, I promise I’m gonna get to work. [See if you can spot my small doctor who reference ;)]


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