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Chapter 18

Asiyah ran toward Amatullah, but failed to reach her on time, and watched her fall to the ground. Her eyes blurred slightly, tears beginning to form, as she looked at her sister’s body lose control of itself and collapse on the floor. She coughed, unable to breathe, the air suddenly feeling thick, suffocating. But she tried to put that aside, as she focused on her sister fro once instead of herself.

Her cheeks turned a bright red as she turned round to face the evil monster that was stood behind her, and they cooled down the instant she let her anger out.

“YOU SLUT! How the hell could you do this to my sister?” she screamed, making her way towards Sarah. Sarah’s eyes widened as if not expecting this… this… screech that could come from such a normal sized person. Boy was she loud!

Asiyah turned her whole body round, focusing now to Sarah, Amatullah ignored. She advanced on her, her mouth turning into a very unpleasant scowl, her eyes burning with anger, jeering at her at the same time.

This time, Sarah just smirked, thinking Asiyah was still a kid, and could do nothing wrong to her whatsoever. What she seemed to forget, was that Asiyah had done Tai Kwando: so she was pretty lethal to be around.

Asiyah lashed out, side kicking Sarah in the stomach and watched as she keeled over, her face a picture of pain. One nil to Asiyah. She smiled, and patted herself on the back, turning round to tend to Amatullah, when suddenly, her head jolted forward, lolling almost off her shoulders. Sarah had struck. One all.

Asiyah fell to the floor as well, the back of her head bleeding. She screamed in pain, calling Abdullah’s name.

Sarah, not wanting the blame for anything, looked around to see if anyone had seen her, and started running. She didn’t get too far.

Abdullah had run out of the house, hearing Asiyah’s scream, and had run toward her, checking her pulse. A figure dressed in glittery silver running away caught the corner of his eye, and when he turned to look, he realised it was Sarah. She looked like a total idiot dressed like that, running on a virtually Muslim street. Especially in high heels. On any normal day, he would have scoffed at her, making fun of a stupid woman like her, but today, the circumstances screamed for him to run after her and beat her up. How he wished he could do that! He ran toward her, catching her up in an instant. He grabbed hold of her arm, and turned to look at her, his eyes flaming with hate.

She looked back at him, her heart melting, surprising given the situation she was in. Her eyes searched his as he stood motionless just looking at her.

Suddenly, he jerked her hand towards his body, and started speed walking towards his sisters. He let go of her hand, warning what will happen if she runs away. Briskly, they walked together, and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Amatullah and Asiyah sprawled across the pavement outside his house.

There was a pool of blood spreading from Amatullah’s tummy. Asiyah stirred, her eyes fluttering open. Abdullah ran to Asiyah, kneeling down.

“Asiyah! Are you alright?” she nodded, her eyes easing open.

“Forget about me,” she croaked, “Look at Amatullah,” her eyes slowly closed, hand with a finger pointing to the right of her.

“NO!” Abdullah cried, but he left her and looked at Amatullah, immediately feeling her pulse. It was alright. However, the bleeding did not seem to be. He searched his pockets for his phone, but cursed himself when he realised he had left it inside. He ordered Sarah to stay where she was while he ran inside to get his phone.

She listened to him, a worried look over coming her face. She never meant to hurt them so badly, just to injure them a bit so she could run off. She stared fondly at Amatullah, her once friend, as feelings of remorse overcame her. Why did they break apart? That was something that she herself regretted at times. What a good friend Amatullah had been, always there for her, listening to her problems, even if they were sometimes petty and pathetic. She sighed as she stared at herself. What had she become? A monster by the looks of it. She scrunched up her eyes, and tilted her head up the sky, and she asked for forgiveness in her head. Who would forgive her, she didn’t know. Whether God even existed she wasn’t sure about. But she knew that if Amatullah could have such a strong faith, then she could too.


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