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Chapter 17

“Ya Allah!” Abdullah screamed, looking away in disgust. He didn’t want to see a girl wearing hardly anything, it was against his religion! And the stench was just incredible, alcohol, drugs, smoke, the lot. He looked furiously at Amatullah, his eyes burning with anger. “What do you have to say about this… this… thing?!” he shouted, diverting his eyes from her and speaking in English.

Amatullah looked at the ceiling, not knowing what to say.

“How did she come here?” he said, “You must have let her in, all the other kids have gone out apart from Asiyah, and she has more sense than to let a drunken thing in like this.”

“Well…” Amatullah thought for a moment. Who had brought her in? “Oh CRAP! It was Jamie!” she said outloud.

Abdullah’s eyebrows went skyhigh as he looked at her contemptuously. “It was your ex-boyfriend then huh? What kind of a person that used to love you just comes in and dumps a whore in your front room?” he sneered.

I can’t believe I just said that aloud! Amatullah mentally told herself off. She had to think of what she was saying, even if Abdullah was her closest friend. He didn’t need to know everything.

Abdullah closed his eyes and opted for a deep breath instead of getting too angry. Bad idea. He nearly choked with the lack of air, and the high concentration of everything else. He walked out the room coughing and shaking his head. “just get this thing out of here before I kick her out myself.” he warned “And let me tell you that my way of kicking people who I don’t like out ain’t the nicest way in the world.”

Amatullah sighed, almost willing to let Abdullah do the dirty work, but she couldnt do that. It was her fault, who said she had to let him come in with her? She sighed again, dreading the task that seemed enormous ahead of her.

She took off her jilbab and walked over to Sarah, letting her hair open, then tying it again. Sarah was half concious, her eyelids half open. Amatullah imagined what it must be like, drinking so much of what’s bad for you that  you don’t even know what’s going on around you.

“Sarah!” she screamed, using a cloth that was on the sofa to cover her hands and shake her.

She toppled over, and fell on the floor with a big thump. Her eyes widened, the impact atleast doing something. they closed again, going droopy.

Amatullah coughed and backed away. “Sarah, get up and leave.”

Sarah lay almost lifeless on the floor.

“Sarah! Leave! You are contaminating this room. I’m warning you. LEAVE!”


“Sarah, this room’s is going to be quarantined, and you’re gonna be thrown out if you don’t move!”

Still nothing.

Amatullah creeped slowly towards her, and poked her, making Sarah’s body shake comically.

“Sarah?” she said, actually concerned.

She went closer, wanting to feel the pulse, when…

“AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!” Sarah shrieked, her eyes popping open.

Amatullah shrieked back, scared by Sarah’s bloodshot eyes and the deafening shriek that was pulsating from her widely open mouth, along with the smell of course.

Abdullah, hearing two girls scream ran to the front room, worried that something had happened.

Asiyah, hearing a normal scream – her sister’s – and a crackly half scream half shout, ran into the front room also.

Amatullah, seeing familiar faces calmed down and stopped screaming.

Sarah, wondering what on Earth she was doing in Amatullah’s house with everyone staring at her like she was a piece of poo screamed louder.

“RIGHT JUST SHUT UP WLL YOU!!” Asiyah screamed, her big voice loud enough for the people in Australia to hear.
Sarah’s scream was cut off abruptly, and silence walked in.

They were just staring at each other, Amatullah at Asiyah, Asiyah at Sarah, Sarah at Abdullah and Abdullah at Amatullah.
Talk about awkward. They were stood there for a good ten minutes when big mouth Asiyah couldn’t stand the silence and booted it out the room. She looked at Amatullah expectantly.

“I know you are my big sister and everything, but I think you have some explaining to do young lady…”
Abdullah looked at Asiyah shaking his head, and Asiyah rolled her eyes, preparing for the ‘you-shouldn’t-treat-your-older-sister-like-that’ lecture.

“Asiyah,” he began.

“Yes Abdullah?”

“Actually you are right. Amatullah, you better have an extremely good explanation for all of this. He gestured outwards.

Asiyah let out a sigh of relief, then did a miny cheer, happy that for once it was Amatullah getting told off.

“O.k. You want explanation, I’ll give you explanation.” Amatullah said sternly.

Asiyah sat down on the floor, making herself comfortable, and got out her packet of crisps from her jumper pocket.

“Well, after Asiyah here came barging in,” She gave the evils to Asiyah, “I heard a knock on the do-“

“Excuse you, but I need to go home, I do have responsibilities you know, no time for story telling like you!” Sarah but in.

Asiyah and Abdullah had to force themselves not to laugh, but they did a rubbish job, whereas Amatullah held a straight face and walked up to her challengingly. She stopped inches away from the floor, where Sarah was lying down, looked down at her.

“Excuse yourself, who do you think you are butting into what I’m saying? Have you no respect?” She whipped back “And what responsibilities, drinking until you get so drunk that some one has to pick you up and drive you places?” she sneered, scoffing at Sarah’s surprised face.

“$%^& YOU!” she screamed, attempting to jump up. She jumped up alright, but lost her balance and fell to the floor, her eyes clouding over. When she fell, her miniskirt hitched up even more, and Abdullah covered his eyes, walking out of the room.

“Audhoo billahi mina shaytaanir rajeem.” he said on his way out, thinking why he hadn’t left earlier.

And then there were two.

“Oh, for goodness sake, we’re gonna be here for ages!” Amatullah moaned. She kicked Sarah gently, causing her to stir and open her eyes.

“Get up you fat slob,” Asiyah said, opening her big mouth again. But for once, Amatullah was grateful for Asiyah’s big mouth.
Sarah groaned, but attempted to stand up again. This time she succeded, and walked over to Amatullah, trying to be threatening. Amatullah sneered in her face, walking towards her too. She was about to touch her shoulder when she thought better of it, and instead backed off, deciciding that she didn’t want to be anywhere near her.

“Urgh, just flipping go will you, you should know when you aren’t wanted by now!” Amatullah said, tired of seeing her face.
“Yeah man, just get out of our house! I know you’re jealous and everything that we have a house and you don’t, yeah, but you don’t have to make it look so obvious!” Asiyah joined in, snorting at her own joke.

“Aww, does wittle Amatullah need her wittle shishter to help her in a ippy dippy arguement?” Sarah said, her tone getting challenging. “What a low life,” she said in her normal voice.

Amatullah’s nostrils flared, and her eyes focused on Sarah’s nose. The Target.

Asiyah, seeing this punch coming saw her chance to calm Amatullah down and get Sarah out of the house. She ran towards Sarah, dodging Amatullah, and started pushing her out. Unfortunatley, Asiyah’s strength being her tongue and not her muscle, meant that she was pushed aside as if she was a feather, and only succeded in making Amatullah more and more angry.

Asiyah had to do something, otherwise Amatullah’s punch would be fatal, and she might do too much damage that she’ll regret later on. She tried to push Sarah out of the door again, and this time Sarah actually moved, probably because she saw Amatullah’s expression- one of pure loathe.

Sarah was ushered outside, and Amatullah followed, scarily slow. Once Asiyah and Sarah were out the front door, they looked at each other in utter distaste, Asiyah wondering how Sarah could dress like that then actually walk out of the front door. She wasnt even allowed to show her legs at home, forget where a miniskirt in public!

Amatullah finally came out, dressed in her favourite purple jilbab, and her trainers.

“You want a fight?” She growled. “You’ll get your fight.”

Amatullah went for a puch on the nose, and succeded, watching Sarah’s head get thrown sideways, her hair spreading out statically. She stumbled, and touched her nose, seeing blood. Looking around frantically for something sharp, she bent low, and found it. She grabbed a piece of broken can and used it as a weapon to fend Amatullah off. Didn’t work. When Amatullah wants to hurt some one, nothing is going to get in her way.

Sarah lunged forward expecting Amatullah to back away, but instead, Amatullah lunged forward aswell, using her hands to protect herself from the blade. Sarah, being quite nifty, dodged her hand and aimed for her stomach, thrusting the serrated piece of metal into where she thought Amatullah’s stomach was. This is my revenge! She thought evilly as she felt it pierce skin.

Amatullah crumpled over, seeing a red stain spread over her stomach area on her jilbab. She shrieked, and her eyes went cloudy, black spots appearing. She could feel herself falling, and she flailed around, wanting to hold onto something before she fell.

The last thing she hears what a very worried Asiyah shouting “AMATULLAH!!!!” in the background, and saying a whole load of other things which faded as everything went black and she collapsed on the floor.


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