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Chapter 16

Keith huffed, knowing the boy had said something bad about him, even though he had said it in Arabic. You could just tell by the expression.

Idris just glared at him tired already by the efffort he had put in. He had informed Keith about quite a lot, explaining all the big sins, and the five pillars and even a bit about the Qur’aan, yet the guy seemed to make the same mistakes time and time again.

“Audhoo billahi mina shaytaanir rajeem,” Idris muttered under his breath.

“Are you cussing me out?” asked Keith, eyeing the boy suspiciously.

“No, I said: Oh Allah, I seek refuge in you from the accursed Shatytaan.” he said in a monotone way.

“Oh, ok.” Keith said, dissapointed that the boy seemed to be telling the truth. “But why?” He added.

Idris sighed again, telling himself that there were worse people that him roaming around, and that if he wanted to give Da’wah then he is going to have to be patient.

“Because,” he said, not wanting to hurt Keith in anyway, “I am getting the tiniest bit frustrated and I know that it’s Shaytaan’s fault that I dont want to give you Da’wah.”

“Ohhhh,” Keith said, nodding his head as if he actually understood. “What did you say Da’wah was again?”

This time Idris smiled, looking carefully at the man. “I said it was when you preach Islam to someone who doesn’t know about it.” he thought for a moment, “actually, you can preach it to people are muslim aswell, by telling what actually is right and wrong in Islam.”
“But why would you preach Islam to people who are already muslims?”

“Because, sometimes they are confused as to what they have to do to fulfil the role of a muslim, or they think what they’re doing is right, but in actual fact it isn’t. Not everyone is as lucky as us, even as you.” He gestured outwards.

“What do you maen lucky? I mean I get it if they aren’t as lucky as you, since you seem a very reiligous boy – I bet your parents are proud of you. But what do you mean when you say I am luckier than other muslims? Aren’t they luckier seeing as they were born muslim and have known Islam from the start?”

“That depends. Sometimes, they love it that they are born muslim, and they embrace Islam and love their religion dearly, but some people, even though they are born muslim, take it for granted and think there is more to life than religion – which there isn’t – and they go astray.”

“Hmmn, it’s interesting how people react to their religion. But if they were taught the right religion from the start, and it was their choice to go astray, when you preach Islam to them, for them to come back, wouldn’t they already know what you are preaching? And wouldn’t they totally ignore what you are saying seeing as they have heard it all before ever since they were kids?”

“Sometimes they even forget what it feels like to be a muslim, and if they live in a non-muslim environment, they would definitley not practice their religion. Say if they then see a man with a long beard wearing a thobe, and a woman in a long flowing jilbab wearing a niqab, wouldn’t they be happy that they know people who have something in common with them? Even the seeing or meeting of a muslim person who is practicing could spark that love for Islam once again. And then there are people who are ‘muslim’ but haven’t been brought up in muslim environment. They know they are muslim, but they aren’t acting upon their religion. It might not be their fault that they were brought up that way, but if they know they are muslim, wouldn’t they want to find out more about Islam?
“I’ll give you an example of the luckiness that you have right now. The other day, I saw a woman wearing a full jilbab and niqab walking outside the masjid. She asked me if I knew where the revert club was in the masjid. Then I saw a Pakistani girl who was wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a vest top, with her hair flying around her face – and she was born muslim. Why is it that the revert is stronger than the person born muslim? I was watching a very interesting show last night, and it was an interview with a revert man. The first question that was asked was how do you feel finally being in the fold of Islam? He said it was great – that it was like you were in a desert without any water, just food, and you had been walking for ages, and then you come across a spring filled with fresh flowing water. He also said that if you had been muslim all your life, you were at the spring the whole time, so you wouldn’t have known what it feels like to be thristy for knowlegde, because you’ve had it placed infront of you.”

Keith’s eyes opened in wonder at how much this young boy knew. He knew more than him, and he was only 17! “Are there different types of muslim aswell? Like in Christianity?”

“Well yeah, infact, ‘The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: The Jews were split up into seventy-one or seventy-two sects; and the Christians were split up into seventy one or seventy-two sects; and my community will be split up into seventy-three sects.1’ This shows that the muslims are split up more than the Christians and Jews. Another Hadith says: ‘The Prophet said, “How will you be O Awf when this nation is divided into 73 sects. One sect will be in Paradise and the rest in Hell.2 ‘ This shows that only one sect will be the right one, and the rest wrong. Which brings us on the subject of people who clain they are muslims but do some next kind of worship. They are muslims, but the wrong type, probably one of the 72 who will end up in hell. If you give Da’wah to them, then they might realise that their sect was the wrong one.”

Keith smiled, his eyes ligthing up hopefully. Wow, I learnt a lot today! he thought.


1- Book 40 Number 4579. Narrated by Abu Hurayrah.
2- Awf Ibn Malik Al Ashj’al.


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