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Chapter 15

Amatullah gasped and pushed him away, her face seething with anger. “Well it’s a bit too late for that don’t you think?!” she shouted, her eyes turning a very unhealthy red colour.

“And you thing thats the answer to everything?! Cuz life is sooo freaking simple isn’t it?!” she started menacingly walking up to him, slowly and carefully, measuring her steps precisely.

“That would have been alright, if we actually did go ahead with the proposal.” She spat the word proposal out like it was some kind of disease.

“But no. You just decide to run off, and not come back, then you find it acceptable to come running back with your big puppy eyes, and say I love you in that annoying little babyish tone you tend to get when you want your way!” her eyes stared holes in his, while still searching for the answer she desperately wanted to hear.

She sighed, tired of shouting, her throat going sore. “You know what, just go.” She mumbled, looking at the floor, her battle fought and won.

“But Amatullah, I want to stay. Am listen to me. I love you!” he closed the gap between them, wanting to give her a hug. As soon as he put his arms on her shoulders though, he was pushed off again – this time harder. He fell backwards and lost his balance, hitting the floor with a painful crack.

Amatullah’s eyes widened in fear, but went back to their normal size when Jamie jumped back up again, landing swiftly on his two feet. She stood there, seeing her reflection in his sea green eyes, watching his pupils contract and expand. She saw his hands snake their way to her shoulders, and she sighed as she pushed him away.

“Jamie, no.” she said, like a strict parent would to a child.

“But Am, please I wa-”

“Just go! And don’t touch me for goodness sake! It’s haraam for me to even speak to you right now, so please, please just go!” tears spilled down her eyes, giving away how she hated getting angry at him.

Jamie sighed and took one last look at her, knowing defeat when he saw it. He made his way to the door, massaging his arm where he fell.

“This wouldn’t be happening if we got married you know…” she whispered at his back.

“I’m sorry Am…” he whispered back, turning round to face her.

“It’s ok.” She said. “Jamie,”


“Come back some other time, yeah? We can have a proper discussion then.”

“Anything for you Am,” he flashed her a cheesy grin and walked off.

“Don’t push it…” she warned.

He laughed and walked out the door. Outside, the air felt fresh and friendly, and he bathed in the tension free breeze that ruffled his hair. He took a deep breath in and looked around for anything pretty. Instead, he was met with a very angry looking Arab guy who looked quite a lot like Amatullah.

Ohhh, it’s her twin, Abdullah! He remembered.

Abdullah pushed past him, looking him seriously in the eye.

Wow… someone’s in a mood today… he thought, the bad feelings of the argument diffusing into nothing.


Abdullah frowned when he saw Amatullah’s long lost friend, wondering what on Earth he was doing inside their house. He brushed past, smelling alcohol on him, and glared, staring holes in his back.

When he entered inside the house, he took off his shoes, noticing silver glittery killer heels where he normally puts his shoes. He walked inside, and saw Amatullah staring fondly at the closed door.

“Amatullah?” he questioned, walking towards her. When she didn’t answer, looking deep in her thoughts, he waved his hand in front of her face. Only then did he get a reaction.

“Oh, Salaams Abdi,” she said, still looking at the door.

“Walaykum Salaam, Amatullah, you o.k?”

“Yeah,” she looked at him with a serious tone. “No, seriously, I’m o.k.”

He nodded and sniffed, needing a tissue. He did however get something else he most definitely did not want.

“Urgh! What is that smell?!” he made a puking face. “Oh yeah, and what was that Jamie guy doing outside our house? He wasn’t spying or anything was he?”

“Oh, no Jamie had just come to say…” She thought for a bit, “actually, what did he come to say?”

Abdullah laughed at his twin’s face, confused and angry at the same time.

“And the smell…” he voice wondered off again. “IT’S SARAH!”

Amatullah and Abdullah both ran to the front room to find a very groggy Sarah, who looked like she had just woken up from her very peaceful sleep. She had in fact woke up from a sleep, but it was anything but peaceful.

“What?” she said.


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