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Chapter 12

Sarah woke up the next day on the side of the road, just dumped there not even on the pavement.

Her eyes opened groggily and she sniffed, ready to regurgitate after she smelt her own disgusting odour. She got up, dismayed to find her clothes swathed in mud and puke. A car zoomed past her, splashing her with dirty water, and she swore, shivering. She got up, wavered on her feet, trying to get balance, and started walking to where she thought her house was, getting dirty looks along the way.

Glancing at a shop window, she shrieked at her reflection and nearly fell. She gasped for air, but regretted it when she instead got a mouthful of her smell again. This time she did puke, the yellow liquid lumpy like spoilt milk, the smell unbearable.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her back.

“Jamie…” she croaked, her eyes widening with surprise.

“Sarah,” he whispered, carrying her wedding style.

Her face changed, becoming confused. “Why are you doing this for me?” she frowned at the people who were giving her stares as they walked past.

Jamie sighed. “As mental and attention seeking you are, I just couldn’t bear to leave you alone… and… well… what was I to do to make it up to you than take you somewhere to clean yourself up after how I left you yesterday?”

Sarah kept her mouth shut, trying to remember her previous day’s deeds. She grimaced as it slowly came back to her.

I got dressed in this proper nice outfit, all purple and gold, and jingly jangly and stuff, wearing my new stiletto heels for the first time in like ever. I sprayed on lots and lots and lots of perfume, and ordered a cab. When I got in, there was this young, funny and chirpy guy driving it, and he seemed about 22. I liked him a lot. We got on so well it was incredible, and I offered him to be my partner in the club. He agreed – well obviously – and we danced and got drunk, and had a little smooch… and then I got too drunk and had a fit, and he got scared and tried to run away, just that I didn’t let him, and I punched him in the face because I thought he didn’t like me, but then I had a giggling fit, where I found everything funny. I nearly fell so I grabbed his arm, and then he pushed me off and let me fall, causing me to throw up and hit my head on the kerb. And he went. Leaving me for the night. Alone. Stupid Jamie.

Sarah screwed up her face in anger, and started flailing, trying to get him to put her down. It didn’t work – his grip was just too strong. Suddenly, his face changed shape as well, anger appearing on his features. He thrust her into the car and forced the door closed on her massive heel. It broke and rolled across the rolled, and he could hear her muffled protests from inside the backseat. Ignoring them, he opened the driving door of his cab and vehemently sat down, violently shutting the door with a bang.

Where shall I take this slut? He thought driving around. He didn’t want to go to his own house; he had his standards.

Just then, he saw a girl in a black abaya knocking on the door, and another one opening it. The girl opening it looked familiar…

OMG! Its Amatullah from college! His eyes widened in surprise. They were sorta mates; I’ll just dump this ungrateful cow on her. Try to be nice and this is what you get from fat s%^&s like these! He thought, smiling at his slyness.

He opened the door and dragged Sarah out, running for the door. It closed and he sighed, lifting Sarah in a fireman’s lift and carrying her towards the door.

He just got there when the door opened again, with Amatullah peering out.

Wow! I didn’t even have to knock! He thought, saying, “Well hello Amatullah. Nice to see you again.”

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