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Chapter 10

The next day dawned bright and sunny, and Amatullah felt relaxed, albeit the day befores problems. She took her little sister Ayah out to the park, and her big brother Ahmed decided to join them. Amatullah sighed, she never like Ahmed. He was always rough and tough, and just got angry at every little thing. Well, I’m gonna have to cope, like it or not, she thought to herself, doing her best to mask her dislike for her big brother.

They were just walking along, Ayah skipping between Amatullah and Ahmed.

“Abdullah told me what happened yesterday you know.” He said quietly.

Oh Lord, here we go…Amatullah thought, finding it hard to keep a sane face.

“He told me that he heard you talk to the guy last night.” He said, his voice getting a tad higher.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. Amatullah, you know it’s haraam to talk to non mahram men. Why did you take the phone call? Especially when it said ‘Unknown number’. It could have been anyone!” his voice rose, nostrils flaring.

“Ahmed, it might have been something important. Maybe a person who I do know just using someone else’s phone,” she reasoned, determined not to get angry herself.

“La! It could’ve been anyone! And it was Abdullah’s phone as well. Don’t go snooping around; it’s not good for you.” People were looking at them now, staring in fact.

Good thing we are talking in Arabic, Amatullah thought, afraid to imagine what would happen if they weren’t. “Ahmed, you are exaggerating.” She said simply.

His face went red, and his fists balled up. “I am NOT exaggerating little sister, just doing my job as a big brother!”

Amatullah sighed, and realised there is no point in arguing. He couldn’t help it he loved her so much and wanted to protect her from harm. Ha! Yeah right! She thought, wishing that was why he was over defensive.

She turned to Ayah, and asked her whether she wanted ice cream. Ayah, being the typical five year old agreed happily, and ran off ahead towards the corner shop. Amatullah shivered from the faint breeze that made her way, wishing she had worn an extra jumper underneath her charcoal black jilbab.

“See, now you are giving our siblings hypothermia! Who eats ice cream in the winter?” he joked, tired himself of being serious all the time.

“Well, I know for a fact you do. And me, Ayah, Abdullah, Awais, Abtehal, Adam and not forgetting Asiyah.” she counted them off on her fingers.

“Haha, yeah… you got that right!” he laughed as he pulled her into a hug. “I’m so sorry I’ve been such a pain, Amatullah, you dont know how much it hurts me to see you upset when I get angry.” he said into her shoulder.

Wow, he really does want to look out for me! She thought, taking back all the feelings of hatred that were lodged into her heart. “Ya Ahmed! Haha, dont worry, I dont get angry because of you… I just have other things on my mind…” her thoughts wafted to Sarah, and her decision made an appearance.

After laughing and joking about, they went inside, Amatullah bathing in the company of her new found friend/brother. They collapsed in a heap on the velvet red sofa, tired from their long walk around the outside of the park, just talking and chatting about life.

Amatullah smiled as she realised how lucky she was to have such siblings. Alhamdulillah, she thought, Praise be to God.


Teetering on her heels, Sarah nearly fell as she grabbed on to the man’s arm. She giggled drunkenly and the man suddenly let go, causing her to unbalance and fall.

“Oi..! she slurred, shouting from the floor. “Wha’ was ya name? Jamie or wha’eva! C’mere!”

Jamie’s eyes widened in horror, his feet taking small but firm steps away from this strange woman. He backed away, and slowly but surely managed to get a safe distance away from her. He found his legs again, and started running like a madman into the night. His chest burned and his breath was coming in small bursts. He stopped, panting, and looked behind, only to see the strange woman throwing up in the gutter.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I’m gonna get you, you stupid Amatullah! Just you watch! You made me do this!” she waved her fist in the air, looking up at the club.

He took one last look at her and was gone, wanting nothing to do with this freaky person.


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