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Chapter 9

“Erm, no, he’s sleeping,” she said in a hushed tone, as to not wake up her brother.

The man on the phone’s breath started picking up its pace, as if he was getting angry. “Well, can’t you wake him up? I need him for goodness sake!”

Amatullah’s eyes widened in fear. Who was this random man who decided to call at what, like 5 in the morning? Then he had the nerve of getting angry? She looked over at Abdullah, who was sleeping peacefully, his chest heaving in and out with every breath.

“No!” she hissed, “Let the guy sleep!”

The man’s breath increased its speed even more.

“Well I need to speak to him. Just wake him up will you? Who are you, his guardian or something?”

“I am in fact, his sister!” she growled.

“Crap. Sorry.” The man didn’t sound sorry whatsoever.

“Yeah, whatever, I’m putting the phone down.” Amatullah replied nonchalantly.

“No! Tell him I ca-” his voice was cut off half way. Amatullah didn’t want to know who this strange guy was. She was doing this for him.


On the other side of the line, Keith sighed, shaking his head. Was this guy ever free? He was either at the mosque, or with his Muslim friends or his darned siblings. How can you love your family that much? Creepy guy.

He put the black asphalt phone on his bedside table and sat down on his bed, bouncing a little. Feeling energy course through his veins, he stood up on his bed, bouncing higher and harder.

He bounced to his full extent, until the bed collapsed underneath him, falling to a heap at his feet. He fell, badly grazing his elbow, and cradled it in his other arm. Standing up, he shook his head. This is what happens when you take drugs man! He cursed himself, stamping his foot in frustration. Embarrassed by his childish behaviour, he, instead of going to bed, grabbed his car keys and went out for a ride.

Being high on drugs is not a good time to drive. He drove like a hooligan, speeding whenever he saw the 30 mph sign and swearing at every one he saw.

Dawn was soon approaching and he could see the faint rays of sunshine appearing over the horizon. Suddenly, out of nowhere he heard the Muslims’ call to prayer.

Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar! Allaahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar

Ash hadu an laa ilaaha illaah!

Ash hadu an laa ilaaha illaah!

Ash hadu anna muhammadur rasoolullah!

Ash hadu anna muhammadur rasoolullah!

Hayya alassalati hayya alassalaah!

Hayya alalfalaah hayya alal falaah!

Allahu akbar allahu akbar.

Laa illaaha ilallah.

He was mesmerised by its utter beauty, the words as well the striking voice of the Muadhin. Suddenly, he saw a river of white and black, flowing from their houses to the mosque; men perfumed and dressed as well as they can, and women dressed in flowy black jilbabs, and wearing the Niqab.

How can people wake up so early because they want to? He thought, but the answer came to him almost immediately, like from a second voice inside him or something. Because of God. They live to worship him. His face frowned at the answer. Why is it only that they live to worship him? What about everyone else? What about me? He questioned himself. You too. Came the answer, simple and precise. “Well then, I’m going to find out what my purpose in life is,” he said to himself, determined and happy to what was now his new goal.

He parked in the parking lot, and as he got out of the car, got a lot of people staring at him. He was about to enter, when he got stopped by a man dressed in a white thobe, and a black hat.

“Brother! If you are coming to salaat, at least tidy yourself up!” he looked dismayed as he gestured to the clothes Keith was wearing.

“Oh, erm ok,” he stuttered, ashamed by himself.

The man nearly fainted from Keith’s breath. “Yeah, and you can brush and shower while you are at it”, he added, walking away into the mosque.

Keith decided he will do just that to make a good impression on his soon to be friends. He got back into the car, and drove like a madman back home, hurriedly took a quick shower, and shaved, and wore his best clothes – a white shirt with a green t-shirt underneath and black tracksuit bottoms. Soaring out of the front door and into the car, he dashed to the mosque. He took off his shoes, and got to the line just in time, when the Imam said: Allahu Akbar.


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