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Chapter 8

Amatullah melted into her bed, full after gorging on her well deserved takeaway. Her fingers were entwined with the silk scarf she had gotten from her mum last Eid, and she smelt it, letting it take over her senses. She turned around, sleeping instead on her tummy, caressing the scarf to her face. Her thoughts turned to what tomorrow might be like; she was going to help out at a youth club. She had previously signed up to actually be one of the youth in the youth club, but they had instead suggested that she help out, being a tad older than everyone else, and knowing what the teenagers were going through at this time of life.

She sighed, and felt her heavy sleep laden eyes slowly drooping, blocking out all sounds and light. Her senses gave in to sleep within seconds, and she slept, snoring gently.

She was awoken several hours later, by raised voices. She got out of bed, bleary eyed and exhausted and crept downstairs clad in a simple nightdress with banana pyjamas underneath. She peered through the door, and saw her brother with his back facing her. He was on his mobile phone, and he wasn’t happy. She opened the door slowly and quietly, managing to avoid the creak. Sneaking across the room, she perched on the edge of her favourite sofa, tense and listening.

“WHAT! What do you mean my friend gave it to you?!” he screamed inside the phone, his face twisting with anger. The crease between his eyebrows was omnipotent as it got deeper and more visible

“Yes dear, it was Keith.” The husky female voice nearly made Amatullah jump out of her seat. She had to stifle a scream as she sat back, and her breathing went back to normal. It was Sarah! How on Earth did that bitch get his number? She certainly didn’t give it to her. Replaying back what she just heard, she realised it was Keith. Aaaargh! She knew that good for nothing friend would have done anything to get a girl.

Just as Amatullah had calmed down, and relaxed her breathing, Abdullah unexpectedly turned around, shock taking over his face.

“What are you doing here?” he hissed, his fists tightening up into balls.

“I heard some voices. I thought you might be in trouble.” she reasoned.

“Well, does it look like I’m in trouble?” he opened his arms and gestured at the living room.

Amatullah sighed. “Yes it does Abdullah. What happened?”

Abdullah sighed as well. “It’s complicated,” was his lame excuse.

“Let me guess. Keith wanted a girl, and he is so desperate that when Sarah came along he did anything to get her approval. Including giving her your number. What a lowlife.” Amatullah smiled at his surprised face.

“Ha-ha. Why can’t you be that good at guessing all the time?” he laughed, trying to divert the subject, but failed.

“So it’s true then?”

Abdullah just looked at the floor sheepishly.



“Fine then, I’ll just go and wake up mum and dad, and tell them exactly what has been happening… including you secret crushes…” that woke him up.

“Yeah, ok, it’s true.” He snapped, still avoiding eye contact.

“Aaaaand, awesomeness wins again!” Amatullah laughed, patting the space beside her on the sofa.

He reluctantly gave up and Amatullah saw a smile tugging his lips at the corners.

“Aw, come on man, give us a smile…” Amatullah tempted him, and Abdullah unwilling as he was still flashed a brilliant white smile.

They talked for hours, discussing Sarah, and his ‘friend’ Keith. They then decided to stay up, as they could feel the rays of sunshine slowly making its way to the sky. Amatullah snuggled up in her sister’s blanket (she had brought it down) and Abdullah made himself comfortable, sitting in a very boyish manner. He was still fully dressed, hat and all, as he stretched out and decided to pick a film to watch.

Amatullah was just about to put the DVD into the player, when she saw Abdullah’s phone flash a vivid white. Someone was calling him. She left the DVD on the floor, and crawled over to his phone to check the number. Unknown. Who else could it be? She sighed, as she called for her brother. He was sleeping, gently snoring. Yes! She thought to herself. Now I can give her my piece of mind!

She picked up the phone, ready to cuss the girl, but nearly jumped as a male voice greeted her. “Hello?” It said, deep and clear. “Is Abdullah there?”

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