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Chapter 7

Sarah looked out of the window, wondering what his reaction would be. She didn’t even know this guy, having never seen him before, and only knew him as Amatullah’s brother. To her dismay, she saw his face screw up in anger and he threw the piece of paper down, spitting on it. Right. Now she knew what she had to do. Literally every single boy was always after her, begging for her number. And here was this guy, who got her number for free, but rejected it. And he’ll be sorry.

She scraped her chair back, and ignoring the other girl’s inquisitions, walked out, swaying her hips and pouting her lips, her thick chocolate coloured curly hair bouncing along on top of her head. Through the door and out into the cold winter weather. She stopped, hearing the eerie silence of her high heeled shoes not clicking and squatted to the floor, picking up the scrunched piece of paper that lay there discarded.

An evil look plastered her face, masking the jealousy and longing she had for the guy. Sarah didn’t know what on earth he was wearing though… this white dress thing that ended a bit after his knees, along with his tracksuit bottoms which were held up above his ankle by his dark grey socks. Was he like a girl or something? But the white hat he was wearing really brought out his golden complexion, making him visibly shine.

She shivered in disgust. No way was she hitting on her brother! And they were twins as well, which meant that if she thought he was pretty, she thought that she was pretty too, which she hated to think was true. Her beautifully long lashes and golden skin colour were what attracted Sarah to make friends with Amatullah in the first place. She will grab the guy’s attention, then he will ignore her and focus on me instead, only because of that ridiculous thing she wears! She had previously thought. But how wrong had she been! Once the guy’s attention was on her, it didn’t divert, even when she showed no interest – which was like all the time. And what’s more, she hated being the centre of attention. How can you not like men ogling you from every direction possible?

She sighed, and gently placing the paper into her pocket started walking home, ditching her friend behind. Men left what they were eating and gazed at her as she walked past, leaving unpleasant grins in her wake.

She teetered in her heels, barely able to walk – drunk with jealousy. Why did that stupid, stupid girl have to be so pretty? And then she wanted to cover it all up. What a git.

She grimaced at the thought, curling her fingers tightly around the piece of paper. She was going to get both of them back for this, she silently vowed…

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