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Chapter 6

Abdullah screwed up his face, and immediately looked away, mouthing to his sister, Ya Allah, she looks like a witch! in Arabic. Amatullah laughed, and glanced at her, her laughter doubling.

He turned back to face Sarah, and his face went grim instantly.

“Look, I don’t even want to deal with this, but my sister over there has told me everything.” He pointed his hand vaguely where Amatullah was stood, and twisted round again.

Sarah glared at her, her eyes burning holes in Amatullah’s. Amatullah smiled sheepishly, diverting her eyes as fast as she could. Sarah focused her attention on Abdullah.

“Well… if you want to talk in a… you know… more private place, I wouldn’t mind…” Sarah said her voice dripping in sickly sweetness, head cocked to the side.

Abdullah nearly laughed. “Ha! I don’t even want to talk to you, just wanted to tell you to keep away from my sis yeah, don’t bother her, or you’ll have me to deal with. Get it?” he frowned when she just smiled, and returned to Amatullah. As soon as he got to her, he started talking in Arabic.

“What is wrong with that girl? I can’t believe you were actually friends with such a person!” he burst out, his eyes burning with fury.

Amatullah sighed. “Yeah, neither can I,” she mumbled “she used to be way different before. She’s changed completely though, right in front of my eyes, and I didn’t even notice!” she sighed again, and took the takeaway bag from the counter. “Let’s go home, I don’t really want to stay here anymore.” She said, looking at her ‘friend’.

Abdullah, getting the gist of what she was saying nodded, and followed her, his eyes looking anywhere but at the witch. But as she was stood there, he inevitably saw her, and witnessed the winking of her eyes, and as he shook his head in annoyance and walked past her, felt a piece of paper brush his hands in his pocket. He looked up, and saw her smiling.  Better not check now, he thought to himself, aware of her watching him.

Once outside, he quickly opened the tightly folded paper, and gasped at what was written there. Amatullah, hearing him, glanced over his shoulder and gasped too. For what was written there was not good at all…

My number: 07123456789, call me ❤ xxx

Abdullah’s heart started beating in fear. What should he do now? He had girls hitting on him all the time, but not one as worse as her. He looked at the bright pink piece of paper, scrunched it up and hastily threw it on the pavement. He wanted nothing to do with this girl. He spat on it and walked away.


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