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Chapter 4

She had made this decision a couple of days ago, after reading a very heart trembling article on this life. It had gone something like this:

This life is just a journey. Who says we are immortal? Everyone is going to die one day, we can’t escape it. You could die within two minutes for all you know, so stop acting as if this world is where you will dwell forever. Because you won’t. We are created for a reason, to worship God; and nothing else. So start doing what he has prescribed for you to do. Allah has created us, so He definitely knows what’s best for us, and he told us women to cover up, not for fun, but so we are kept safe from the glares that we get from women who scrutinise our face deeply whenever they can, and also from the men, their looks that just drip with desire.

There are three choices sisters, two of which will throw you into the hellfire.

You wear the Niqab and Hijab sincerely for the sake of Allah alone

You wear the Niqab and Hijab only for showing off, and so people think you are a good Muslimah, when really at heart you are not, which makes you a hypocrite.

You don’t where either and you bathe in the lustful desires of men.

Which two do you think will throw you into the fire?

Her heart had ached the Niqab ever since. She didn’t want to be the one who goes into the hellfire for not doing something that’s so easy for her, something that she feels she should do.

But that had been before she had discussed this subject with her friends.

Yesterday she had gone to college, her face visibly shining from her decision. She normally met up with her friends at the library, her friends and herself being book worms. So she had practically bounded to the library doors, swung them open and ran towards her friends. Her first words were, “I have decided to wear the Niqab.”

However, she had not thought to what her friends’ reaction might have been, being too busy indulging in her own thoughts. She forgot how her friends despised being told what to do to be good in religion, and how one of them barely wore an abaya – only because her dad had said so.

So she was appalled when they turned to her, and smirked in her face, looking at her up and down. Their eyes, caked with makeup, showed a flicker of amusement as they thought it over in their heads.

You? You are going to wear the veil?”One had sniggered, paying no attention at Amatullah’s fallen face, and buried herself in her hands deep with laughter. The other one however, showed a bit more concern – but not nearly enough – by saying, “You made a good choice – but you ain’t no mu’alimah, so don’t go round telling us what to do, kay?”

She had run out of the library, her face streaked with tears, and ran straight into the toilets, locking the door of a cubicle behind her. Almost immediately after she had done that, she heard a very familiar voice calling out to her.

“Amatullah? Is that you?” Khadija had said. Khadija was the only other girl in her college who wore a jilbab for the sake of Allah, and not because she was forced into it. Khadija had tried to befriend Amatullah at the start of college, but Amatullah didn’t so much as glance at her, as she had her own friends at the time. Now however, she gravely regretted her decision.

She had unlocked the cubicle door, and before long, was giggling away with her new found friend. When she saw her ‘ex’ friends later in the day, she tried to approach them, wanting to apologize for running out of the library over something so small, but they had blanked her, giving hints that she wasn’t wanted. So she took them.

Back in the multi-coloured room, her face turned grim at the memory. So much for her so called ‘friends’! She cuddled up with her sister’s soft blanket, and pulled the laptop onto her lap, lamenting her long lost friendship with the kids who she grew up with.

She had probed so much into her thoughts and memories, she completely forgot what she was clicking on, and wasn’t even looking properly at the website, her eyes glazed by reminiscences’. Her mouse was hovering over the ‘Buy Now!’ button, with a picture of a Niqab on the side. She sighed, and decided she might as well show Allah and herself what she was made of. Putting all her fears of friendship aside, and admonishing any second thoughts, she pressed the button. ‘Buy Now!’

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